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Engineering Job


Everything that we see around us is dependent on some sort of technology and this expertise is gained through the body of knowledge, called science. All the devices that we around us along with the whether it is the simplest of machine, i.e. wheel or the most complex one, has undergone certain changes over a period of time and they will continue to do so. The ones who plan and carry out these developments and advancements are called engineers.

All types of equipments, machines, gadgets, infrastructures and devices are built, maintained, updated and upgraded through the science of engineering. This science has further been divided into various fields for specialization and focused effect on its progress.



Chemical Engineer

Job Responsibility:-

  • Handling the team of engineers and chemists in the processing plant and ensuring the best productivity
  • Structuring the plant and designing the appropriate configuration to make the equipments adaptable
  • Be careful about the economic and environmental prospects while designing the equipment
  • Restructuring the processing plant by creating simulation models
  • To set-up, redesign and initiate latest developments in production plants




Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibility:-

  • To identify the requirements of customer
  • To design products and systems
  • To read specifications of design and technical drawings
  • To research appropriate solutions and to estimate timescales and costs
  • To make prototypes and models of products and to use 3-D design software



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