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Doing things out of the box, though we are a placement consultancy, we don't believe in wasting time and beating round the bush. Find directly what you are looking for, we believe in make life simple for all our selves and everyone around us.

BPO job

With the increasing trend of outsourcing jobs by various distinguished organizations to the SMEs,there has been a rise in the number of BPOs or Business Process Outsourcing units.These companies are basically involved in handling a part of the busines requirement, for instance, tele-calling needs,attending customer support requirements or even the Internet networking related activities.

Hotels Job

If you have an inclination towards the hospitality sector and have pursued a course in the same field, then hotels are certainly a lucrative field to try your hands on. One needs to specialize in this stream, by completing a course dedicated to the hotel industry. There are several options to choose from and it is sure to take you places if you the flair and talent in you.

Engineering Job

Everything that we see around us is dependent on some sort of technology and this expertise is gained through the body of knowledge, called science. All the devices that we around us along with the whether it is the simplest of machine, i.e. wheel or the most complex one, has undergone certain changes over a period of time and they will continue to do so. The ones who plan and carry out these developments and advancements are called engineers.

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